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Sacramento Dead Animal Control

It's a nasty business, but somebody's got to do it - and we do it well. If you've got a dead animal on your property, we will properly bag it and incinerate it. Not a big deal. But the real skill comes when you've got a dead animal somewhere in your house - you smell a horrible smell inside, and it's because of a dead critter. It could be in your attic, it could be down in one of your walls, under the house, etc. It could be a dead rat, a dead opossum, who knows? We are experts at locating and removing the source of the odor. We get rid of all the juices and maggots and good stuff like that, and deodorize the area. If we've got to cut a hole in the wall to get at the animal, we will, and we repair it. We'll get rid of that stink once and for all!  

We provide professional Dead Animal control for all of greater Sacramento, CA including the towns & suburbs of Elk Grove, Parkway, Florin, Rosemont, Arden, Rancho Cordova, Arcade, Charmichael, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Orangevale, Roseville, Foothill Farms, North Highlands, Wilton, West Sacramento, and more. We are not a standard Sacramento extermination company - we specialize only in wildlife, and will identify and trap the Sacramento Dead Animal, control the problem in full, and we give a guarantee on our work.

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